Ishmil Waterman


It’s not often that I get asked to write about myself but here it goes in the most reflective voice possible. My name is Ishmil (Waterman), I am a known and labeled as a Toronto Canada based Commercial Fashion Photographer. As of late I would like to be known as a -Multi-Discipline- Image Maker. My work has appeared in Flare Magazine, Runway Magazine and a slew of online publications. With a career spanning over a decade as both a photographer and retoucher I’ve learnt the inner workings of what it takes to create stunning–awe inspiring–images. In other words I speak photoshop, light, and cmd-option-escape. Which is why I’ve decided to scrap my entire book.

With the help of my life and business partner I’m determined to re-shape my book. One that truly expresses my ideas in new and innovative way. To recreate and re-define my workflow to re-engage myself in a craft I first fell in love with as child.

I would love to live in a world the supports innovative businesses, computer chairs that come equipped to with jet packs, and tech that comes with infinite storage space and ram. I would ultimately love to work alongside people and brands who believe in creativity. Having an interest and multi-media and design has brought me unto a new enriching path. One that allows me to take on a more creative hands on approach to photography. Combining new age art with my photography has been a new thrilling experience, one that I am excited to grow.

Ishmil Waterman is the co-founder of Cvtting Board Studios, a multi-media studio based out of Toronto Ontario exploring the use of technology through art. Contact him at

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