London Fashion Week streetstyle Photography Manfrotto

Shooting Street Style at Fashion Week

I have been involved with London Fashion Week since 2011. I had just graduated from University and got a spot interning for an online magazine which...

20 February 2018

Discover TwistGrip System!

Ever think about using your smartphone for video? These days, smartphones are proving to be a valuable tool for video.  They’re compact, they’re portable, and they’re...

17 October 2017

An Icelandic Fairytale

Iceland is an extraordinarily diverse landscape, enriched with everything from windswept valleys lined with snowy peaks reaching into the clouds, to mossy lava fields, black sand...

26 July 2017

Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Last month, I travelled to Japan to capture the season of cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom, known as Sakura in Japanese, is a must-see for avid travelers...

11 May 2017

My first Instagram experience | #whplittlethings

A lot discussions been around, lots of  studies and researches performed with several interesting outcomes. “Social media”, we have a lot to say,  almost  all discussions...

21 April 2017

Top 10 Instagram Spots in New Zealand

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand and want to visit some of the spots with the best scenery, below is a little guide...

05 April 2017

Sharing relevant content on Instagram

Hi! I’m Elaine, an advertising art director and freelance photographer from Hong Kong. I downloaded Instagram five years ago, and have been sharing my photography work...

27 March 2017


Cover image photo credit: Pabak Sarkar via Flickr Colours appear in numerous places where a human eye cannot see. These colours help us to express ourselves...

15 March 2017

Jumpstarting your visual storytelling strategy

Whether you’re a budding photographer, filmmaker, Instagrammer or brand looking to grow your audience, there are many ways to strategize a plan of action that will...

09 March 2017

How to Create Instagram Video in 5 Simple Steps

Move over photos, make some room for video!  Instagram is embracing video in a big way, allowing users to post up to 60 second videos to...

07 February 2017

Instagram Stories: How to Create Engaging Content

Let’s be honest.  What we see on Instagram is not always a true account for what is happening at this very instant.  Often, the content we...

07 February 2017

Tips For Incredible iPhone Street Photography

In my previous articles I mentioned how there’s no need to have a super professional equipment to start with street photography. Often I find myself shooting with my...

29 June 2016

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