London Fashion Week streetstyle Photography Manfrotto

Shooting Street Style at Fashion Week

I have been involved with London Fashion Week since 2011. I had just graduated from University and got a spot interning for an online magazine which...

20 February 2018

Street Photography Tips for Beginners

I can still recall my first time as street style photographer on a trip abroad, I was in New York for Fashion Week and I was excited...

23 June 2016

Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography

The camera doesn’t make the photographer It isn’t important which device you use to take your photos. Of course a reflex camera is the professional choice but...

14 June 2016

10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer

Tip #1: Don’t look for posers, but natural targets When you point your camera towards someone it can happen that they come up with a pose instantly....

31 May 2016

The Secret to Fun Family Fashion Photos – Bold Backdrops

As a family lifestyle blogger I’m always interested in portraying that parenthood doesn’t have to be dull. That is can still be as exciting and bright...

24 December 2014

I decided to … straighten up and pretend to be a grown-up.

I like to pretend to be a grown-up. Oh… are you saying that I’m already a grown up? At 47 years old, I probably am. But...

21 April 2014

Giuliette Brown

Eclectic, retro, French style… the creativity of a Slash Girl from Florence. What could be better than wearing that piece of clothing that you really love?...

19 April 2014

Streetstyle: colour and contrast with … educated choices

“I can’t live without taking photographs… of people, fashion, new trends, street life, the street itself, these are the things that most interest me in life;...

09 April 2014

My new black leather jacket and a lot of daydreams

I love train stations and their atmosphere. Every time I’m in one, I catch myself dreaming of new encounters, new places, imagining the feeling I could...

03 April 2014

Fashion trend this autumn: The blouson jacket

  On our blog Hauptstadmutti ( we are dealing a lot with the seasonal fashion trends and how they are being translated on the streets, also...

24 October 2013

In my shoes – a beautiful Sunday.

This year more than ever, we in Milan have been longing for the sun to arrive. We don’t go in for over-the-top outbursts of joy, so,...

14 October 2013


I like wandering around Milan for no particular reason. I think it’s the best way to notice all those little delights that otherwise go unnoticed as...

14 October 2013

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