Sean Ensch Night Photography


There’s something special about capturing photos of the night sky that the naked eye can’t quite catch. The endless stars, the colors of the milky way,...

19 February 2018


Photography has been a hobby of mine since the age of 12. I took a break during my teenage years, then revived this passion thanks to...

14 February 2018

How to use a slider for time-lapse photography

An introduction to time-lapse photography and how to use a slider to get that perfect video Firstly, let me just say this now – time-lapse photography...

06 September 2017

Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Last month, I travelled to Japan to capture the season of cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom, known as Sakura in Japanese, is a must-see for avid travelers...

11 May 2017

Top Tips for Taking Photos in the Rain

When it starts to rain, good photographers head out to make pictures You’ve spent hours researching the location, all the final preparations are in place and...

26 April 2017

Top Tips for Aerial Photography (Old School Style)

An alternative view of Helsinki, Finland, and how to do take photos from a light aircraft All I could hear was the rhythmic purr of the...

07 March 2017

Lessons in Love: Valentine’s Day Photography Ideas

CREDIT: KIEN LAM, Kien Lam Photography, @hellokien It’s that time of year—love is in the air.  For photographers, the “L” word could mean anything from scheduling...

13 February 2017

Family portrait ideas

Growing up in a tight knit family, I know the importance of family dynamics and have learned to pick up on “things” really quickly. I am...

09 February 2017

How to get started as a Photographer

Getting started as a photographer can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of cameras, lenses, tripods and brands to choose from. It’s also difficult to...

17 January 2017

6 Tips for a Better Photography Website

When photographers design websites we want our images to stand out front-and-center.  But, it takes more than pretty pictures to make photography website successful! Julia Kelleher...

14 October 2016

Determining your Photography Style

Finding your photography style. Let’s be honest, everything that has to do with ‘finding’ something, especially in the creative world, entails a difficult and long path...

12 October 2016

Senses in photographs

Many photographers seek to show not just what a scene looked like, but also what it felt like to be there.   It’s not easy to convey...

07 October 2016

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