Have you seen this… extreme sports


Have you seen this… extreme sports

Skateboarding and extreme sports are right up our street – And it seems yours too with a report in 2002 finding that there were 18.5 million skateboarders in the world! This week we’ve rounded up our favourite skateboarding and extreme sports blogs from across the globe. Check out the amazing shots!

Germany –

Fry-Zine is in the creator’s own words “About skateboarding, friendship, travel, adventure, people, life. Simply everything that moves us.” The name references his home time but also means ‘to be free’ in German. The black and white shots are not only hugely powerful but seriously cool.

Japan –

Standzine is for all you skate-a-holics.  The images are moody and atmospheric, evoking the contrasting feelings of intense power and freedom that skateboarding can be all about. We love it.

Italy –

Skate Nostro’s blog creator Luca is into his Youtube films in a big way. We love his videos of skateboarders and the mood he manages to capture in them – they make us want to get out to a skate park pronto. The music’s great too.

US  –

RealizeCulture.com is a vast network of skateboarders, artists, musicians, all sharing their incredible work through blogs, ezines, and videos. We love these action shots and their call for pushing more creativity – ‘What can you realize?’

US –

Skate House Media is the brainchild of a house full of guys living in Los Angeles who skateboard full-time and capture their craziness and passion for downhill skateboarding on film. Watch videos of them riding crazy hills, fun parks and empty pools!


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