Manfrotto talks to La Revue de Kenza


Manfrotto talks to La Revue de Kenza

Each month we interview an influential blogger to find out everything from why they blog to what they love about their home town, asking them to illustrate each answer with a picture. This month we’re talking to La Revue de Kenza


What do you blog about?

I created my blog, La Revue de Kenza, four years ago. It deals with a lot of topics: opinion pieces, good deals, my new music crushes, descriptions of my outfits, photographs, travel. It’s a lifestyle blog from the view of a young Parisian woman.

What’s inspired you recently?

I don’t have one particular source of inspiration. Everyday, I post something that I wish I could have read elsewhere. What I love to share the most is things like my trip to Coachella because I can incorporate everything I like: travel, good deals, photos, music, fashion etc.

What’s in your flight hand luggage?

My mobile phone, my laptop so I can watch my favourite series, a lot of magazine and a special flying kit: tooth brush, etc..

Name three things you love about being in Paris:

My neighborhood: le Marais. It’s a great place to live and it feels like it’s a little town.

Driving around in my Solex and enjoying the streets of the city, especially around the banks of the Seine.

The new hotspots: restaurants, designer shops etc.

What’s the most worn piece in your wardrobe?

I let it go recently because there were too many holes but it was a pair of Jeans from H&M that I’d had 11 years.

Favourite designer?

I have a huge style crush on Theyskens Theory


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One of the images below is taken by Emeline Hamon, you can see her blog at http://emelinehamon.blogspot.com/


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