Testing the tripods


Testing the tripods

We are really proud of our Manfrotto Pocket Support tripod, so much so that we sent some out to a select group of bloggers across the globe, for them to trial and test in different conditions and to feedback honestly to us about their results. Our chosen testers ranged from a mummy blogger to a serious nature lover; all came out with fascinating and different takes on the product and how they used it.


Pane, Amore e Creatività is a gorgeous blog written by Linda Pareschi that focuses on DIY, arts and crafts. Linda writes posts and tutorials teaching people how to create useful and beautiful things for their home.Claudio Furin, a photographer who works with Linda trialled the tripod –
“Once the tripod is hooked on and closed it becomes invisible and doesn’t disturb the handle one bit. Moreover, it only weighs a few grams,
which is very important when you’re on holiday! For my shooting, I chose a countryside location, where I needed to lean on strange surfaces, such as old stonewalls and pipes. With this pocket tripod I have shot from every angle and on lots of strange surfaces without any problems!”

Elena Serughetti has a degree in Natural Science, works in a botanical park, and writes about nature and flowers as well as shooting landscape photos. Excitingly the Italian National Geographic Magazine has mentioned her blog.

“Small, solid and efficient – is how I would sum this up in three words! This ultra-light support disappears under my DSRL when it is not being used and makes it a practical and flexible item to have with you at all times. I tried it first on a small rickety wall, which usually can’t be used as a base for my camcorder, and after I positioned it clinging to a desert rose. Bending its small feet in several ways, the pocket tripod gave me each time a stable support. I have even tried it on rocks and branch with amazing results. It’s definitely a useful accessory, not only for self-timer pictures, night photos or when you need a long exposition. Loving to travel light, the pocket tripod will be the new must-have accessory in my equipment!”


Fabian Messner passionately writes about cars and photography. On his blog Autophorie, both things are combined, with a special focus on beautiful images and the emotions radiating from the cars he captures. From Germany to Scandinavia and all the way down to Italy, Autophorie is chasing the latest car models to get the inside scoop.

“The Manfrotto Pocket support is a quite unusual tripod: It practically fits into your pocket but at the same time can stay attached to the camera and therefore doesn’t take up a lot of weight, nor changes the size of the camera considerably. Is basically gives the camera a more secure stand so you’re not as dependent on your environment anymore. The best use is for taking shots off the ground, where it really excels.  In addition you can play with the exposure time while using it, although the surface should be flat to keep it in position.”

“Where the tripod really stood out was when doing videos in the inside of the car, because it evens out the curved form of the car’s dashboard perfectly and you can do shots with a horizontal view. Even while driving the tripod didn’t move a bit. Using a tripod – no matter what size – makes sense in a lot of scenarios. I have to focus less on my posture and breathing technique to get a clean shot. So it effectively simplifies my work, which lets me concentrate on the goal at hand: to capture the perfect image.”


Aurélie Platek writes both Lili Pixle and Will the Prince and was featured recently on our favourite international family bloggers article.

“I am a new mummy so I am stuck at home because of my sweetheart, which is why I took pictures of my current favourite subject, my gorgeous little boy! This tripod is really very convenient and from now on it will never leave my NEX! That’s what matters to me these days convenience, and always being able to capture what I love and capturing those important fleeting moments, wherever you are, whenever they occur.”

Manfrotto Pocket Support tripod

The Pocket is an ultra-slim versatile support that can be fixed directly under your equipment. The lightest and slimmest support in the market – it is ideal for self-portraits, for night shots, and to make sure you will always be included in all your special pictures together with your friends, family and favourite places.

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