Have you seen this? Interior design bloggers


Have you seen this? Interior design bloggers

Interior design bloggers obviously have an eye for design and beautiful things and this is an aspect that flows into their blogs with ease, making them an exciting, effortless and striking read. Also as well as giving you some great DIY tips and home inspiration they also give you a boost to be more creative in your own home and lives.  We have rounded up a selection of our favourite interior bloggers from across the world to kick-start your curiosity.


Seaseight is written by a 29-years old graphic designer with a passion for cats, called Lela. We love her eclectic mix of styles and pictures.

“I’m a 29 year-old graphic designer who loves interior design, home decor, fashion, DIY, cats, photos, make up and illustrations. I have a foot in both camps: on the one hand I live with my mum & my two babies (two amazing cats) and on the other hand I live with my boyfriend in my little house. Why? Too complicated to explain…”


Shima Arai’s blog Chic Interior Planning, specializes in interior coordination and remodeling for houses and condominiums. As an Interior Coordinator her blog features quite a few before and after pictures of her projects that are truly amazing and great insight pieces too with behind the scenes sneaks.


Slim Paley’s lifestyle blog features some simply spectacular images, houses and locations, all of which are daydream worthy. She started the blog because she was looking for a new creative outlet in her life and she has taken to it like a duck to water. Her impeccable taste in interior design, fashion, flowers and photos make for a really rich blog and fascinating life. This is one stylish lady with a wicked sense of humour!

Buckets of Burlap is Becky Cummingham’s brainchild which follows her and her family’s idyllic country life.  “We enjoy the simple country life on our hobby farm, one DIY project at a time.” It is a great blog for easy to do ideas, vintage country style and restoring vintage flea market treasures. The before and after pictures are startling and her tips on design, recipes, gardening, and photography are all incredibly valuable.


Tianya focuses mainly on showing his own home decoration, answering questions from his followers and exchanging opinions, ideas and experiences about interior design and decoration with friends. An informal and honest blog that is especially good for those getting into interior design for the first time.

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