Have you seen this? Travel blogs


Have you seen this? Travel blogs

We all love holidays. The excitement of packing, the thrill of the airport and the sense of relaxation that occurs as soon as you touch down make them so lovable. This week we’ve compiled a list of some of favourite travel bloggers who jet off to some of the most exotic locations in the world.


Dave and Deb are Canada’s adventure couple. They spend their lives visiting as many places as possible and immersing themselves in the culture. From mud baths in Vietnam to trekking at base camp Mount Everest, there isn’t much this globetrotting couple haven’t done. We love their beautiful photos that chart their adventures.


NIEDblog is the brainchild of travelling junkie Alex who blogs about his travels. His shots are a mixture of beautiful landscapes and interesting things he sees along the way. Alex’s humourous anecdotes on everyday life as a traveler make this one of our favourite blogs.


Suki of superduperfantastic fame lives in San Francisco but travels as often as she can and when funds allow! From China to Alaska with a pitstop somewhere in France Suki is slowly covering every inch of the globe. Check her out for great unposed shots and lovely skylines.


As we travel is a fantastic site for anyone that likes to travel. They’ve got something for everything whether you’re a first time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter they’ll inspire you with beautiful imagery that will have you booking the next flight!


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