Street art


Street art

Christian Faller delves into Munich’s street art scene and discovers some beautiful images. The German streetart-blog (streetartblog.de) captures the transformation of the city by documenting its change and all the artworks that sprout everywhere on the streets.


Munich – really just Germany’s biggest village?

Munich, the city of pretzels and leather pants! Of the beard and the folk music! Cool, provoking and illegal street art and graffiti was unthinkable in Munich until a few years ago. It wasn’t without reason that it’s been called “Germany’s biggest village”. That’s why the small street art and graffiti scene in the Bavarian-white-sausages-capital has often been smiled at. Berlin and Hamburg were seen as the true strongholds of the urban art movement. Whoever wanted to be a part of it, had to leave Munich and emigrate.

Urban art consolidates

Luckily this time has long passed. While strolling through the city one regularly finds colorful stickers and graffiti art on the walls of houses, road signs, cigarette machines and bridges. Tanks and B52 bombers distribute hearts over the city and the walls.

At the forefront of this movement is the Glockenbach neighborhood – the trendy area of Munich. But also around the east- and main station and the Schlachthof there are many things to explore if you have an eye for change. Monkeys are gaping down from no-parking signs on the person who dares to park his car. A knitted scarf is wrapped around a tree at the banks of the Isar and keeps it warm – even in the summer.

The development of the city can be followed online by everyone. Various blogs and article are reporting about new pieces of art that sprout everywhere throughout the city. One of these blogs is the streetartblog. For more than four years now the blog has been sharing street art, graffiti and other cool stuff on a daily basis – the focus is always Munich. The international crowd of people following it grows bigger with every new piece of art.

Munich – pilgrimage site for urban arts

The obviously growing importance of Munich in the street art scene is in part a result of the fourth “Stroke-Urban Art Fair”, which drew a record number of people on Prater island and the interest in Munich just doesn’t stop. Every day, sprayers meet to paint the walls of the city. Legal spots are rare and even illegal spaces are hardly available any more. Therefore, a lot of graffiti covered walls, like the ones at the Tumblinger Straße or at the Schlachthof are re-painted or filled with new graffiti after only a few days.

From underdog to the international stage

As a result of this, more and more street art talents from Munich are establishing a reputation on the international art market. Loomit, Won ABC and Flyn, I am Ugly and Skore 183 are only a few of the known artists. The German streetart-blog captures the transformation of the city by documenting its change and all the artworks that sprout everywhere on the streets.

Finally. The time of boredom and over-conservatism is over – Munich has cemented its place on the street art scene!

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