How to get papped in a street style shot


How to get papped in a street style shot

London girls and guys have got their street style looks down to a tee. We went along to London Fashion Weekend recently and were wowed by their fearlessness and savvy. So we asked them a few questions, did a lot of dedicated people watching and came up with these failsafe tips to help you get spotted by the style seekers too


Accessorises are key

A dog in a bag, a cat in a hat, gold bangles piled up to your armpits  – whatever you choose, your accessories need to be eye-catching and unique. Dazzling shoes or an outlandish bag are often what fashion photographers are drawn to and will focus on.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit wacky

In fact, the wackier the better; so don’t be afraid to veer on the wild side. Glitter, metallic overload, bold colour, Goth tendencies…. embrace it all. But keep it on the stylish side, highlight your ‘good bits’ and allow your personality to shine through.

Make it easy for them

You don’t always need to be subtle in your pursuit to have your photo featured. You can kindly help out street photographers by finding a good light near them and then nonchalantly hanging there for a while until they notice you.

Never try to be someone else

You are not Miley Cyrus, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Robert Pattinson or Eddie Redmayne, and in many cases, thank god for that! If you are trying to be someone else you are going to look like it. Embrace who you are and others will too.


So no more Kim Kardashian or Alexa Chung wannabes please! We want you to look at your wardrobe with eyes anew, arm yourself with a healthy dose of attitude and starting voguing your arse off. There are hundreds of eager style bloggers and photographers out there just waiting to snap you up.

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