Doggy Fashion


Doggy Fashion

Hi there, I’m Uta the Cavalier Spaniel.

I like to make sure that I’m properly dressed whenever I go out. Are you wondering if this is for fashion or just for practical purposes? Well, today I’m going to share a few of my style secrets with you.

Uta is a bit shy, but she loves getting to know other dogs.


You can tell that she’s nervous, but she always wants to say hello. She’ll sidle up tentatively. She doesn’t care how muddy things get. Sometimes she gets her tummy all dirty, but you can see from her face how pleased she is to have made a new friend.  And there’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing Uta so happy. We always make sure that she’s well-dressed when we go out–to give her that extra boost of confidence when she’s saying hello to new people…or dogs.


Of course the main reason for putting clothes on her is to stop her getting dirty. It’s not just fashionable, it’s a necessity!



She’s by far the best-dressed out of all of us. She can pull off any kind of style, from cool to cute.


Setting new trends is a piece of cake for her. Us humans can’t even begin to compete!


Guest blogger: Uta the Cavalier

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