Playing around with apps – Using apps to transform your photos into works of art


Playing around with apps – Using apps to transform your photos into works of art

Koichi Mitsui is a professional photographer as well as iPhonographer. Over these four weeks, he is going to share his tips and tricks for taking great shots with your iPhone.

This final post is about using photo apps on your iPhone.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of iPhone photography is the ability to use apps to apply special effects to your shots with very little effort and cost. Some digital cameras come with built-in filters that create a range of effects, but normally you can’t add on extra filters. Moreover, the range of filters is very limited, not to mention costly. With your iPhone, however, you can get a huge range either for free or for a minimal charge, and some have been created by the best developers from all over the world.

We love Snapseed. This is a Google product released by iPhone’s rival, Android. The great thing about this app is that it allows you to use your finger to intuitively select and directly adjust your preferred effect. Go on, give it a try!

I know some people are reluctant to manipulate their photos, but you can think of this as developing raw images. Of course you can tweak the contrast, but why not have a go at playing around with bolder effects every now and then to really enhance your shots? The trick to creating an image that will captivate an audience is to try and get across your feelings associated with the image, rather than simply focusing on the form.

Another tip is to become an expert user of a few apps that you really like. You are bound to be tempted by new apps, but an indication that you have really come of age as an iPhoneographer is when you’re able to use these select apps to directly reproduce the image in front of your eyes. It’s all about aiming to create unique shots that have a truly individual touch.

Once you’ve perfected your photo, you can upload it to a social networking service for the world to see. And if your audience considers your shot to have the wow-factor, this is a sure sign of its success.

Guest blogger: Koichi Mitsui

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