Techniques for Improving Iphone Portraits Using Manfrotto KLYP


Techniques for Improving Iphone Portraits Using Manfrotto KLYP

Richard Gray is running a 5-week advanced iphoneography workshop and last week he covered portraits using the iphone camera in conjunction with an LED iPhone Case the Manfrotto KLYP.

The class took place near a beautiful old church in central London and the students’ objective was to find locations around the church to stage their portraits. It’s early evening so the lighting conditions are quite poor. Some of the students also decided to find dark corners of the church for their shots. So in the cases of the shots outside the KLYP provided some useful fill-in light and for the inside shots it gave some really dramatic effects.

Jim Whitaker used the KLYP for fill-in light for this portrait of Barry Blackmore.
Barry Blackmore used the KLYP to dramatic effect for this portrait of Jim Whitaker. He also used an app called AutoPainter to achieve the painterly effect.


Jim Whitaker using the KLYP for fill-in light for his portrait of Barry Blackmore
Rob-terencequinn62-Terry Quinn
A portrait of Rob Pearson by Terry Quinn
Terry Quinn lining up a portrait of Helena Rhodes with the KLYP

By positioning the light in different positions, it gave the students a really good idea of how the direction of light affects the look of a portrait, with some effects more flattering than others.

CEO-Elsa Chang
Elsa Change used the KLYP in very low outside lighting to achieve this striking portrait of Letician Nascimiento
Elsa Chang gets an overhead angle, using the KLYP to dramatic effect in her portrait of Leticia Lascimiento


Leticia Nascimiento holds a KLYP to provide side-lighting for her own portrait by Elsa Chang

A portrait of Frederique Bellec by Dilshad Corleone

A portrait of Mike Strevens by Jo Cope

The iphone camera struggles in low lighting situations, so the KLYP is really good for allowing the iphone to use a fairly fast shutter speed and low ISO, so avoiding too much blur and noise.

Dilshad-Eyephonographer-Frederique Bellec
The KLYP was used indoors for dramatic effect in this portrait of Dilshad Corleone by Frederique Bellec
Dilshad-creativehunter03-Shirley Hunter
Another indoor portrait with the KLYP by Shirley Hunter
Jo-mike_n5_Mike Strevens
The KLYP was placed inside the book for this portrait of Jo Cope by Mike Strevens
Shirley_eyephonographer-Frederique Bellec
A portrait of Shirley Hunter by Frederique Bellec, again using the KLYP in low lighting situations

Details of the workshop can be found at iphoggy.com/aig.” Richard Gray, @rugfoot (course leader)


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