Adventures in Tibet – Mountaineering


Adventures in Tibet – Mountaineering


In May, the Japanese Amano Kazuaki, winner of a Piolet d’Or in 2009, appeared as a guest blogger, discussing mountains and climbing and sharing some amazing photos.

His first blog was on Tibet.


The Tibetan sky is a vast, blue canvas.

Though the land is arid and lacks vegetation, the blue of the sky is so impressive it defies description


In 2006, two of us decided to climb Tibetan mountains alone.

Our destination was the 8,027m Shishapangma (In Chinese, 希夏邦马峰 and in the Tibetan language, “Gosainthān”, or God’s throne).

This is the only peak completely within Chinese territory that measures over 8,000 meters.


The route we took was via the northern face.

We climbed it in the relatively simple Alpine-style.

We had climbed Cho Oyu (8,201m) from the Tibetan side in this way a few days earlier, and continued climbing Shishapangma in the same style.


Though we did not use ropes once in the ascent, we did use the anseilen method on the way down from the peak.

The blue of the Tibetan sky burns a lasting impression in your mind.



Guest blogger:Kazuaki Amano

Blog: http://amanokazu.blog135.fc2.com/


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