Amazing Myanmar; Temples of Bagan


Amazing Myanmar; Temples of Bagan

Myanmar (Burma) Bagan sunrise with balloon over temples

Stephen Studd, a very passionate photographer hanging out of helicopters photographing over Angkor Wat & the Maldives, this month will be guest blogger of Manfrotto Imagine More. This week he will talk about the Temples of Bagan.

Arriving at the temples of Bagan in the darkness and climbing their steep steps to await sunrise; nothing can prepare you for the sight that starts to appear before your eyes as dawn awakes. Literally thousands of stupas and temples rise through the early morning mist, the stillness only interrupted by hot air balloons seemingly hopping along the skyline.

Myanmar Burma monk looking through binoculars at temple in Bagan

Seeing sunrise from the top of one of the countless temples of Bagan is a truly awe inspiring experience that cannot fail to impress both locals and visitors alike.

Myanmar (Burma) Bagan sunrise

Journey with me next week when I take the train to Mandalay home of over 500,000 monks.

Myanmar (Burma) Bagan temples


Written by guest blogger Stephen Studd Photography




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