Living Walls


Living Walls


Well, here I am now, sitting in the office, with my eyes riveted to the snow-white concrete wall which presents itself in front of me. The only thing that this wall has to offer are the more or less important post-it stickers, full of scribbled passwords, notes and appointments. To be honest, I would like nothing more than to be able to take charge and put a new touch on this aforesaid part of the house.

Something with creative and flamboyant flair, which would transfer this stark and almost sterile office into an oasis of bright colors and patterns. In my thoughts, I’m back in my new home, where I haven’t stinted when it comes to unusual wall decorations!


Yes, sure, pictures and paintings are always a nice idea if you want to lend a cosy and decorative atmosphere to a room, but my focus lies mainly in choosing suitable wallpaper.

A wall that is pure white all over can indeed be a pleasant eye-catcher in a living space, especially if a room is already filled with extravagant furniture. However, there are also rooms like, for example, my dining room, which seem to be just waiting to be decked out in completely crazy colors and patterns.

This said room was totally empty and virtually waiting to be transformed. Therefore, I got down to action. A glazier fashioned a mirror for me which will serve as a table top; I drove to Munich to buy black-silver, Baroque-style chairs. This is really awesome, no doubt about it, it’s fantastic!


But, something is missing, there is this little voice which seems to be going around in my head, whispering: “Come on, just do it, you know you want to.. give me some color and bring this monotonous room to life!” No sooner said than done! (For who can really resist their inner voice?! – Particularly, when it is so insistent)

So, there I go, searching the Internet day and night, so find suitable wallpaper for my extravagant, small dining room. Then I found a dream in metallic-gold and turquoise, which transforms the room into a French dream.


To complete my work, I place vases with artificial flowers in magenta on the table – after somehow remembering an art lesson years ago with its talk about complementary colors. I have to say, it really works! Intoxicated by creativity, I then go ahead and order a few pretty cool rolls with a zigzag pattern and paste them on a wall in the lounge room.

Whether you are a fan of understatement or bold, daring interior, there is one thing nobody can deny: The right wallpaper can truly bring a room to life…



Daisy Ricks

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