U.S.A. – Yosemite National Park


U.S.A. – Yosemite National Park

JP_20130516_1260x360The Japanese Amano Kazuaki, winner of a Piolet d’Or in 2009, appeared as a guest blogger in May, discussing mountains and climbing and sharing some amazing photos.

The third blog is about Yosemite National Park, the climber’s “holy ground”.

Yosemite National Park in California is said to be sacred to climbers.

El Capitan, a monolithic granite wall, looms majestically like something on a Japanese folding screen. At approximately 1000 meters, it is the world’s tallest.



Climbers with dreams about scaling it come from all over the world for the challenge.


We try our best not to damage the rock face…

…or leave anything behind.

When the situation leaves us with no other choice, we sometimes use bolts as anchors, though we never plant them mechanically.

As a rule, climbers making the ascent along the same route try as much as possible to climb using similar methods as their forerunners.

The emphasis on the spirit of climbing, not only the ability to conquer difficulty, is still being passed on to new climbers.





Toilets are also set up. By keeping a respectful distance from nature, we can enjoy it all the more.



Feeding the wild animals is punishable by fines ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

『Keep WildLife Wild』

The United States is quite strict on nature conservation.

But I think to a certain extent this is also based in kindness.





Guest blogger:Kazuaki Amano

Blog: http://amanokazu.blog135.fc2.com/

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