Amazing Myanmar : Inle Lake


Amazing Myanmar : Inle Lake

Myanmar Burma Lake Inle sunrise people rowing in wooden canoes

Lake Inle in the Shan State is the second largest lake in Myanmar which covers 44 square miles (116 km squared) and is at an altitude of 2,900ft (880m), with welcome fresher and cooler air than Mandalay. I decided to stay in the gateway town to the the lake, Nyaungshwe as I did not want to be   trapped just on the lake.

Myanmar (Burma) Nyaung Shwe water vessel vessels green

I have an unwritten rule about the location I stay for a shoot, if I can`t get photos within a 5 minute walk from where I am staying then I am in the wrong place. My stay at ViewPoint Lodge didn`t let me down as local life passed over one of the bridges over the canal to Inle lake right outside the lodge.

Myanmar (Burma) Nyaungshwe man walking pig home from market

Myanmar (Burma) Nyaungshwe boy at shop

My first morning on the lake was a pre dawn start making sure I was in position for sunrise. I was mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the lake and its surroundings and the stillness of lake life. The fishermen on Lake Inle have a unique rowing style as they row with their legs, the fisherman silhouetted against the rising sun my first capture.

Inle lake, Myanmar (Burma) fisherman with girl on boat

Myanmar Burma Lake Inle sunrise leg rower rowing fisherman

Even though I`ve been a travel photographer for 25+ years Myanmar was one of the best locations that I have ever visited. It was certainly a country that kept me photographing every day of my month long trip. I can`t wait to return this November with photographer guests on my Digital Photography Holidays.

Myanmar (Burma) Ywama village market monk puppets

Portrait of an old Shan man in Myanmar (Burma) Lake Inle

Written by guest blogger Stephen Studd

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