Beautiful Pictures of Mt. Fuji


Beautiful Pictures of Mt. Fuji


In May, Japanese climber Kazuaki Amano, 2009 winner of the Piolet d’Or, was a guest blogger.

In the most recent blog, he shared his experiences on Mt. Fuji, with which Japanese are so intimately familiar with.


A mountain that wholly captivates peoples’ hearts…

…invokes pangs of nostalgia

…the epitome of Mother Nature

…a place inhabited by the gods

…with a disposition nothing short of dramatic.

This is Mt. Fuji.


The mountain is the stuff of legends, novels, paintings and photos.

With such a striking presence,

it is not surprising

that so many people make the pilgrimage to Mt. Fuji every year.

The summer was always the time for young and old, male and female alike to converge on Mt. Fuji from all corners of Japan; however, lately foreigners can increasingly be seen among them.

Many people dream of climbing Mt. Fuji someday.

For each, the mountain evokes different thoughts, memories and emotions, and possibly personal dramas as well.

A mountain that stimulates aspirations.

Mt. Fuji


I know of no other mountain with such striking beauty.

Even after having climbed the Himalayas, I still had the desire to go back to Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji

Always soaring gracefully.

But sometimes also severe.

Why do people have such a fascination with this mountain anyway?


Because it’s there.

The fact that it is the tallest mountain on Japanese territory is not the only reason.

Both as a travel or climbing destination, it is peerless.

Mt. Fuji.



Guest blogger:Kazuaki Amano

Blog: http://amanokazu.blog135.fc2.com/

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