Photographing New York from a Different Angle


Photographing New York from a Different Angle


In this first article on Manfrotto Imagine More, I have decided to share with you my experiences and anecdotes of New York.

We have all dreamed about New York, with its iconic buildings and avenues, so here are some ideas to help you create beautiful pictures without falling back on the same old classic shots.


Get ready!
As you emerge from the tunnels that bring you on to the island of Manhattan, a strange sensation emerges: the streets, people, and buildings seem so familiar. Adjust the settings on your camera so you don’t miss a thing.


Go for it!
A guided bus tour of Manhattan is a great idea. I would recommend it to anyone. You get to see the city from an unusual angle, so you can capture some wonderful street shots through the windows.


Return to the classics!
The Empire State Building is a must-see, but it’s still a tough shot to get right.
The most outrageous view over all New York that you really need to see under sunny skies.
Visit early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon for softer light.


Another emblematic spot in Manhattan: the incomparable Wall Street.
The place is buzzing with activity and street photography buffs will find tons of photo subjects especially between noon and 2pm.


Follow current events!

In my mind this last piece of advice is essential.

If you visit New York without finding out what’s going down during your stay, you might just miss out on some fantastic moments (and pass by some great photo opportunities).

This photo was taken during my stay in October 2008. We decided to visit the hallowed sites of Harlem where the locals were celebrating the election of Barack Obama.

Now it’s your turn. See you next week for some more tips.



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