How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids


How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

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Last week I shared some of my anecdotes and experiences of New York. You can (re)read them here, and this week, we’re changing topics.

That’s right. This second article focuses on some tips to take successful photos or improve the photos you take of your children. Off we go!


Stay on your toes!

Timing is the toughest part about taking photos like these successfully.
Click too early and your child is looking off in the wrong direction.
Click too late and the kid is already moving out of the frame.


Choose the right mode: speed is of the essence.

A wide aperture lens and high shutter speed camera set to burst mode will let you capture the maximum number of these shots.

Then it’s up to you to sort through the shots and save just the very best ones.


Be discreet!

Children love to pose and make faces as soon as they see a camera. Try to surprise them in their element by staying in the background and using your zoom and a long focal length (75mm or more).


Have them pose for the picture!

This is the exact opposite approach than the last tip, but you can also get your kids to play along to get the right shot.
Whether you are walking through the park, on holiday, or just going about your daily business, make sure to take advantage of those perfect moments to create your very own precious family memories.


Live in Black & White!

As you can tell, I love to work in black and white photography.
This is a simple process to employ in any photo software program and it will lend a truly special quality to your shots.

That’s right. Black and white photography accentuates expression and gives your work a timeless quality.

Here are some tips that I hope will motivate you to try them out and experiment with some new techniques.

See you next week for an article devoted to street photography.


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