Street Photography Techniques


Street Photography Techniques

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In the world of photography, street photography is an art unto itself.
So in this 3rd article, I decided to share some humble tips with you.
I hope it will give you the desire to go out and explore the city with your camera in hand.


Be flexible!

Street photography is a very challenging discipline because it requires a high degree of adaptability. Because your subjects are on the go, you have to be very quick to react and you have to blend into the decor to capture the maximum level of spontaneity.


Be mobile!

Every city is filled with places for you to practice your art. Find the ones that best suit you, whether you’re looking at pedestrian streets, busy avenues and their stream of automobiles, market squares, and so many others.
You should also vary the hours and also the seasons you go out to constantly find new surprises.


Try out black and white techniques.

This is one of the traditional elements of street photography.
You can decide for yourself if your photography achieves more meaning in black and white.


Keep an eye on your rear view mirror!

In photography, everything comes down to your angle of vision.
So why not try some photos from your car or your motorbike?
Of course, don’t put yourself in any danger. But why not bring along your camera so you’ll be ready the next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam?


Follow your instincts!

That may be the best tip of all.
Follow instincts like the one that led me to capture forever this moment in time.

It’s up to you now to go out and seize a slice of life in the street!


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