Cars and Photography, a Subtle Marriage


Cars and Photography, a Subtle Marriage


After New York, children and street photography, here is my latest article.

As fascinating as landscapes and portraits, automobiles are another of my favorite photographic subjects. So, naturally, I wanted to share some stories and tips on photographing automobiles.


Take your time!

Every car has a unique aerodynamic line.
To successfully capture the car’s best lines, I recommend you walk around the car and vary the distances of your shots.

Then your eye will naturally find the most harmonious angle.


Play around with exterior signs!

After taking a few wide angle shots, I concentrate on what gives the car its personality.
The front side, the headlights, close-ups of the radiator grill…these are all possibilities for taking unique photos.


Linger over interior features!

If you can, take the opportunity to explore the car’s interior.
From the upholstery of the seats, to the steering wheel, to the gear shift, to the tachometer, automobiles are loaded with captivating details.


Bring your tripod!

This is an indispensable tool for varying your angles, heights, and shot speeds.
I always bring mine when I go out so I can be sure to take successful pictures at ground level without getting dirty or from above without stretching my arm high in the air.


Make the sun your best ally!

This final tip is perhaps the most important of all.
You should always make outdoor and indoor lighting your allies.
Learn to read the light’s “trajectory” and the photos you take are bound to be successful.

Thanks to all of my readers, and thanks to Manfrotto for the invitation.

Now, it’s up to you!


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