Chinese Photographer Jolie (罗晓韵/Luo Xiao Yun) was born into a well-known family of photographers. At a young age, she had already been to many countries people long dream about. With her unique perspective and style, Jolie recorded each journey’s beautiful landscape.

Tanah Lot is built on top of a large seaside rock. Every time after the tide rises, the ocean water floods the temple and the seashore’s connecting rocks. Situated all alone in the ocean’s deep blue water, a cave in the rocks conceals some small snakes said to be protector gods. They appear solemn and stately, as though having unlimited divine power.


The ocean’s waves are enormous and the shore is completely covered with brown rocks. It is best to experience for one’s self the terrifying waves beating up against the shore.


The local people treat anything they consider sacred as god – any living thing, so long as it has life, is god. Perhaps it is the frequency of natural disasters that causes them to have such reverence for nature, abundance of religious imagination and lively creativity in the arts.



Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, with over ninety percent of the population being Muslim. However, the people of Bali uniquely believe in Hinduism. This island, though not large, has over ten thousand temples. Everywhere in Bali there can be seen a small type of basket made of palm leaves and woven rattan strips. Inside the basket is an offering of burning incense. The local people say one must never bump into them, because they represent evil and are a symbol of destruction.



Photographing the beauty of religion requires respect for the local religions’ unique characteristics and tone. The most prominent aspect of Bali’s religions is their great number, while each has its own unique features. The image of God within the hearts of the Balinese people can come from each person’s imagination and likings. There is not only Buddha but also animals, which can be the unifier between humans and animals.


At all times and places on the island, there is the chance of coming across gods of different sizes and expressions. This mysterious island is protected by every kind of god. An encounter with the Elephant God hinders the consumer.


Every living thing has spirit and beauty. Those who see and appreciate them have the ability to the love the world.


Miscellaneous Goods in the Market
It is delightful to fly kites on the plains, so the skies of Bali are often covered with kites.
Among every type of handmade good, I found a travel handbag made of leather for only 400 yuan. It is both beautiful and sturdy!


Jimbaran Beach
In awe at Volcano Cliff Restaurant


Kintamani is located in Bali‘s central northern mountain area. It is a plateau 1,717 meters above sea level with Lushan Mountain as the central hub. It is one of Indonesia’s few locations that is cool and refreshing. Kintamani Volcano is an active volcano that erupted in 1917 and destroyed countless sacrificial places and villages. However, at the same time, the eruption brought fertile soil. All year long, the mountain peak is covered in dense fog and the mountain slopes are covered in thick tropical rain forest or lush terraced rice fields. In the mountains is a small energetic stream. Exuberant vitality is everywhere. There is a high outlook place where one can see Batu Lu Lake in between Lushan Mountain and Ya Bangshan Mountain. The lake’s water is clear and tranquil, causing one to daydream.


There are many restaurants on the mountains near Kintamani. While eating, one can fully enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery.
To sit quietly, be lost in thought, and gaze at the volcano and tranquil lake is most fitting when one is alone. It will feel as though the world has calmed down and time has stopped.
Doing business with a clever person
The Indian Ocean’s Ulu Watu Cliff is located on the very south end of Bali. Behind it is a tragic, yet beautiful love story. A couple in love with each other could not be together because of the pressures from society. However, both gave into their love, which gave the isolated Ulu Watu Cliff its location and odd color.

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