The Circumstance of Camera Film


The Circumstance of Camera Film


Many story magazines send cover photographers to spontaneously travel to photograph people, and accurately record and describe events

In 2004, she started independently taking travel photographs from Xinjiang and Tibet. Since 2006, she migrated to Japan and Europe where she has taken a large amount of travel photographs and written travel writings. In 2008, she began printing original Europe travel postcards all around the world and mailing them to online friends. Because of this, she was called “Collector of Exchanged Glances.” Since many of her works portray people from around the world, she was also called “Collector of Expressions around the World.” Her pictures, with the appearance of a story from a movie, expose people’s true inner selves. The coloring reveals a distant and mysterious atmosphere. Each picture seems as if it is telling the story of a distinguished person destined to walk.  


The daily new developments of digital cameras give us many unbelievably fast conveniences, while at the same time catching us unprepared. Particularly to those who use camera film, these changes are almost futile and unnecessary. They believe that no matter how much the time’s technology changes, the images of digital cameras cannot replace those of film.


I have many of these friends who are persistent in always using film. Whether it is Polaroid, instant tear film, medium and large photo developing, or even wet plate processing which is almost forever out of use; every type of skillful method makes them scream with fascination.

My friends often take out these seemingly aged and sized toys to take my picture. We use the same time location and physical movements, but different film types or machines to test or compare the pictures’ outcome. Through subtle or obvious differences, the discoveries are extremely provoking. We are often surprised by the photography skills of so many years ago and the magic of the imaging process. They really and truly cannot be replaced!!


Using film to photograph people! These pictures are only some of the photos we take for fun every time we get together – only a tip of the iceberg. The more one understands using film, the more one treasures it and persists in its use. I think we, who are obsessed with and remember film, are not only those waiting for the uncertain outcome of the chemical reaction, but rather are those who deeply respect and look back nostalgically at some old time period. This type of story is like falling in love with a person, which cannot be said or stopped; like a passion deep in the bones, stubbornly and recklessly growing.


Fortunately, more and more people have already joined these ranks.

Guest blogger: MOK
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