Photography Project – shooting your favorite things


Photography Project – shooting your favorite things


I decided it was time for a change. For this (fourth) post, I will be talking about bakery photographs.

It may be obvious, but I love bread and bakery goods, whether savoring them or making them. Whenever I go on trips, I always check the local bakery locations etc. beforehand. On weekends, I bake Pain de campagne at home. I also often bake bread for my friends’ home parties.

Looking over old pictures, I notice I have many photos of bakeries and my own bakery creations. The photos of bakery items I took recently seem a lot more tasty than those I took a few years ago.

A bakery in Kyoto.


A fig danish I bought in Yamanashi.


Pain de campagne I baked at home.





Apart from the Kyoto bakery, these are all photos I took at home.

When taking pictures, I always use a tripod and set the bakery items on a table. I rarely use a flash and try to take my photos on clear days. When the light coming in from the window is too strong, I use thin white curtains to filter it. On clear days, shadows are too pronounced. A thin curtain will diffuse the light and envelop the subject in soft light.

It’s easier to take photos of things you fancy around you. There’s no need to stray too far to take your photos. In addition, when you take your favorite things over a long period of time (using the same subject repeatedly as a theme for your photos), you start adding more tricks to your repertoire, for example use of a tripod to adjust the light, etc., and as a result, your skills improve and taking photos itself becomes more interesting.

Guest blogger: Masanori Sugiura

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