White waters


White waters


As we saw on the MTB article the outdoor sports have an extra prize for the photographer, the environment surrounding every single sportsperson.


Knowing that, is there any better scenario to take pictures in, than an emerald water flow born in the heart of the Slovenian Alps? Probably not, when it comes to talk about white water sports.

Basically you can divide them into different categories, depending on the quantity of gear they wear/use. From a single neoprene and a helmet for canyoning, to a 10 people rafting boat full of hungry paddlers.


If you really seek for an action image, then you should find a good rapid section and learn how the action develops there. In other words, shot at 14 fps with a 6000 f2,8 is not the only way to get an expressive picture. If you try to “decompose” the action, you’ll easily find a moment where the water throws away the boat/hydrospeed whit an uncountable quantity of drops around.

Easy, right? But what about the key point (AKA outdoors) of this sport? In the end of the day, a portrait of a boy emerging from the water with his eyes closed by the water flow could be token in a swimming pool.



The trees, rocks, mountains, bridges and their relatives are the key to convey the mod of this pictures. Furthermore, the weather rules on the colours, direction and “shape” of the light. So do not hesitate in step back on that hiking trail, change to a wide angle lens and include the wilderness on the frame. No worries on how notorious will the boat be. The paddling gear (including the boat) are usually saturated red, yellow, white, blue… so the will contrast enough to claim the viewer’s eye.



And remember, when it comes to outdoor sport photography, the word –and the concept- OUTDOOR is more important than the SPORT. A landscape picture narrating the lifestyle of the Julian Alps is –sometimes- good enough. Try to convey “paddling”, without include any paddling equipment (neither a boat) in the frame.


David Fajula Jufré is a Photojournalist based in Northern Catalonia. His images have been published in notorious international newspapers such as; Vladivostok Times (Russia) Metro, 24 h, Canoe (Québec) Norrköpings Tidningar (Sweden) Dnevni Avaz (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Slovenian American Times (US & Canada) Mundo Deportivo (Spain) El Periòdic d’Andorra (Andorra) or Budaörsi Napló (Hungary) among many others.

As well, his client list includes US based universities Oregon & Princeton, Hôtel de Ville de Montréal (Montreal City Hall) and other educative and cultural institutions.

His is also proud to be the Vice-president of Manlleu Camera Club.

More about David and his job on www.davidfajula.com

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