Photography Project – Taking photos in Taiwan


Photography Project – Taking photos in Taiwan


I recently went to Taiwan. Apart from Taipei, I went to a city about 20 minutes from Taipei called Oukaku that is famous for pottery, as well as a city about an hour and a half from Taipei by bullet train, Tainan City. I would like to take this opportunity to showcase photos from these trips. I will end with photography tips based on my experiences on the trip.

This was my second time in Taiwan. On the last trip, I took photos of tourist spots and places with ruins. This time, I was mostly strolling relaxedly around the city, taking photos of places which, though not tourist places per se, did leave a distinct impression.











Other than the camera itself and the lenses, the battery, battery charger and the installed memory are vitally important because they ensure that you can continue to take good photos. Lenses are heavy, so it is better to reduce them to a minimum. Nonetheless, I always take at least three lenses on trips with me. Having a zoom lens handy is useful– I prefer taking photos with zoom lenses I am used to. And I also take a compact fold-up tripod that fits neatly into my backpack. The latter is useful when taking photos at times other than in broad daylight, such as at night and at dawn.


When packing, I make sure to use a pack that can be carried on board flights. I use a pack that will fit my MacBook Air, which I use to edit photos I take on my trips, as well as my camera and lenses. Once at my travel destination , I only pack the items needed for my daily expeditions.

・Searching out photo shoot locations

With Internet and smartphone applications, you can conveniently check information such as the weather and times for the sunrise. You can also see other people’s photos. The Manfrotto Pinterest page showcases various photos. It also shows the location and photographing methods, etc.

・At the travel destination

Only taking photos at locations you researched beforehand can be tedious. Instead of thinking only of photographs at your travel destination, you should stroll around and enjoy the food in the city and your interactions with locals, etc., and shoot anything that catches your interest on the way. In this way, you end up taking photos in your own unique style.

Guest blogger: Masanori Sugiura

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