It’s the end of summer, there’s a cool breeze and a whiff of fall in the air.
For a long time now the harvest of gokoku, the five important crops, among them wheat, rice, bran and millet , has been celebrated in Japan.

It is known as “niiname” harvest festival, though the practice has mostly disappeared, in Shiogama, it is still proudly being kept alive.
The year’s harvested fish, vegetables and rice are loaded onto a large hand cart, which is paraded through the village.
This is a very important festival to show appreciation for the year’s abundant harvest.

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The winter in Tohoku area is long and tough.
After a short summer, fall passes you by like a breeze and before you know it, it’s winter.
The long winter in itself is the reason why people are so appreciative of the fall harvest.
When the temperature falls to the point that you can see your breath, you start to keenly feel the heat emanating from your own body.
The cold air reaching your lungs and the smell of winter brings the same pangs of melancholy you felt that time you were disappointed in love.

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Photographer: Reiji Ohe
Website : http://www.reijiohe.com/

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