A bit of glitter for every mom in town


A bit of glitter for every mom in town

A bit of glitter for every mom in town

Hauptstadtmuttis are elegant. Hauptstadtmuttis are freaky. Hauptstadtmuttis are sexy, stylish, interesting, cool, different and flaunt-worthy. This is exactly what we want to do with our blog Hauptstadtmutti „www.hauptstadtmutti.de“. Just because a mom’s life is mostly about kids, household and family, doesn’t mean women lose their fun with fashion. You find these women in droves on the streets of Berlin, whose style will certainly inspire you as much as it inspired us. We spotlight them.

We are Isa and Claudia, two Hauptstadtmuttis from Berlin. Eventually we grabbed our cameras to prove the following: The mom, who must stop being a woman, is nothing but a myth.

Since we run around town all week long, we can for sure tell you what a mother is wearing, what trends are up in Berlin or at least we are trying to tell.

Today we start with a small review to the awesome summer we had in Berlin and in Germany this year. We are still not really willing to say goodbye to it and that is why we had a look on all the pictures we took and show you what was really in style amongst pregnant women and mothers in Berlin this summer.


The metal look

We saw them everywhere, shoes in gold, silver, black with gold buckles, pink with gold stones. Metal was just on almost every kind of shoe. It seemed like you could not go without it, even as a mother.

And as we were walking through the streets, we could not loose our view from the ground. We were quite magically attracted from that many very flashy and awesome shoes, the mummies were wearing. We just wish that shoe fashion lasts still for a while. But as we saw the autumn shoes still have lots of metal on it, buckles, rivets, and embroidery.

metal shoes

metal shoes


Of course, we all know, moms need big, big bags, for all that stuff: diapers, wipes, toys, something to eat just in case you need it for the little ones, and all the things just for you, lip balm, nail polish, powder, nuts, so that you have some healthy things to eat. And you do not have to eat anything anywhere on the way but something that is a healthy snack. Also, magazines for the times your baby is asleep you should not forget, because that means a little break for you too.

And, we are so lucky. This summer the bags where not online big, but so colorful. Striking colored! We saw some very beautiful bags.



Jewelry is actually not the perfect fit if you have children especially very young ones. It is usually even obstructive. We on our part almost only wear very thin and fine bracelets. But on the Berlin streets this summer we discovered some moms with great, large jewelry. We saw colorful beads and very large golden bracelets. And in between golden and silver clocks. Very strongly recommended to simulate!

As we take the pictures of the mothers we always try to get more than just the impression as a whole but also see the small details. But than it is not always easy to take pictures of them since the kids are strolling around. It is always good to involve the kids by inventing games around the camera.


Claudia and Isa

We are Claudia and Isa from the German streetstyle and fashion mama blog Hauptstadtmutti (www.hauptstadtmutti.de). With our blog we try to prove that with pregnancy and motherhood it is not the end of a woman but actually the beginning of something quite awesome. We take pictures of mothers on the streets of Berlin and elsewhere and tell everything about fashion and beauty concerning maternity and being a mother. You will also find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest

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