If you can tell a good day from the morning


If you can tell a good day from the morning


This is the story of a morning like any other morning, of a day like any other day, of a family like any other family, yet still one of a kind. Our family.
Let us introduce ourselves: we are ‘Ficoeuva’ (Figandgrape) and, as the name suggests, there are two of us.
Fico, Paolo, the dad. A lover of photography, reading, good music and, above all, good food; quasi-sommelier, and bank worker by day.
Uva, Sara, the mum. A lover of words, of writing, of chatting and constantly on the go; she loves to put her passion into cooking, using surprise combinations of ingredients; a could-have-been artist, and office worker by day.

Good morning 1

Soon, there were two little additions to the family: Vicky the Uvetta (Grapelet), a lively four year-old with the gift of the gab and lots of ideas, and Cattelina, a one year old and with a love of throwing things, tearing up newspapers and crawling at supersonic speeds.
Last of all, there is Babette the dachshund, the shortest-legged member of the family. Always happy and ready for cuddles or a snooze in the corner of the sofa.

Good morning 2

The window to our world is all found on our blog at www.ficoeuva.com, where our Digital Age family has found a virtual space for self-expression.
If you can tell a good day from the morning, then ours is definitely in constant ferment; as in many households during the week, when the day is just getting started and there is hardly any time left to get out of the door, when you look in the mirror and you know that it will be evening before you all have time to sit down.
It’s right in the middle of this seemingly disorganised chaos, which turns out to be a precise sequence of events, right when there never seems to be enough time, it’s right then that we do something truly insane.
We stop for a snapshot. We stop because of it and for it.
We stop time to capture a moment, a moment of beauty that is held only for an instant.
And that is our loveliest ‘good day’, the one that we create beside our morning cup of coffee.

Good morning 3

It’s an exercise in feeling good, a spiritual workout, because, let’s be honest, it’s nearly always quite hard to see what’s good about anything in the madness of a weekday morning at seven-thirty.
But then suddenly you have the idea that will stay with you throughout the day and, along with a kick-start of coffee and the power of positive thought, breakfast is served.
Our #good morning flies off up to the web, and we always hope that the smile that accompanied its creation will also reach our friends and followers on Instagram, our network of choice.
There’ll be more about our passion for Instagram in our next article. In the meantime, if you want to take a peek at what we do, you can find us on @ficoeuva; if you look very closely, you might see us too, somewhere between a coffee cup and a frame of our daily life.

Good morning 4

Suggestion: morning light, as well as that of the evening blue hour, is the best natural light. If you try taking your photographs at this time of day, you’ll see the difference.


A mother juggling two little girls (four and one), home and work; a food addict and with a naturally inquiring mind, who loves to write, to dream and to travel. She and Ficosecco, her husband, official photographer and blogging partner, have been blogging since before the term even existed; a household in which there simply isn’t the time to get bored, and everything is done with a smile! Theirs is a family-run blog, where everyone makes a contribution, Babette the dachshund included… a true, all-round Digital Age family!


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