DIY – Diapers bag – looking good, made easy


DIY – Diapers bag – looking good, made easy


As you know, women love bags. They can never have enough of them. They usually don’t even dare to count them anymore. With a pregnancy the choices of bags you can make are growing. The diapers bag  is added. Yeah! You can find all kinds of them in different styles and sizes in the stores around and online. Usually the look like a normal handbag with different inside pockets for diapers and wipes, changing pad and change clothes and everything you need on the way for your little ones. Very fast you get the impression of needing on of those bags.
When the child is born, a mother really would like to become that woman she used to be again. With a handbag that is actually a conglomeration of kids stuff, she feels like a walking playground. That is why we decided really fast to just use a very small bag with the most important things – two diapers and one package of wipes – and put that into our own handbag. In our opinion that is totally enough and does not look like diapers right away.
And so Claudia always had that little golden bag and Isa with her first child a  washable bag and then a leather bag. Until we went to that large handicraft store in Berlin, called Modulor. There we found a really good replacement, which you also can always change.


That golden padded envelop. It looks totally crazy and you can also quite wear it on the street. We took the envelope in size A5 and also colored masking tape in very different pattern. With the masking tape you can close the envelope and open it again. You can put as much tape on it as you like to close the bag.


And inside there is space for at least two diapers and a package of wipes. Cool! And the “bag” is washable too. What is also excellent if there is no garbage can nearby just use the envelope as a diaper pail for the used diaper. Clean but also very nice looking and for small money. You can find the envelopes in many different colors and sizes. You could actually make a new one every day.



On our last weekend trip we discovered another function of the envelope. Our big boys found the masking tape and started to tape it on the envelope. They created small figures and numbers and words. Then they changed it and started all over. That was really a lot of fun for them and for us as well.


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