Vicky’s friendly dishes


Vicky’s friendly dishes

Vicky's friendly dishes

Hello everyone! Here we are together for the second time, and we hope you are ready, because today we want to talk to you about something that is very important to us: imagination, our secret ingredient both in and out of the kitchen.
Imagination and creativity are definitely innate gifts; unfortunately, they often go unheeded, drowned out by the duties and demands of a daily existence that leaves little space for anything between a dash to the shops and a meeting for work.
Yet our imagination has no grand pretences, it can emerge at any time of day: a detail, a colour, a shape that provides inspiration; the food we pick out and put in the trolley or in our shopping bag; they are all small things that can brighten up the dreariness. All you have to do is take a bit more care and be sensitive to the little signs that are out there.
There’s no need to go anywhere different; it’s in the day-to-day, the boring weekday life, that we find our inspiration.

For example, four year-old Vicky l’Uvetta, who, like any other child, survives on bread and her own imagination, was born into a house where colours are always readily available, a camera is often hanging around someone’s neck, there’s something baking in the oven and a pan is bubbling on the stove.
So, whereas her creative imagination certainly needs no further stimulation, her appetite sometimes requires a little nudge; and thus were born our friendly dishes, our artistic elevenses.
Palette became plate (in our sideboard, you will find the largest collection of single plates in the world), with one simple rule to follow: every part of the creation must be edible.
The rest, as we said earlier, is dictated by single instances of inspiration we came across during that day.
Here below are some of our creations: these are our animal-inspired plates

Photo 1

as all good cartoon lovers will agree, we certainly couldn’t go without a series dedicated to Barbapapa

Photo 2

we often find inspiration in time and seasons

Photo 3

but sometimes the creation takes a course of its own, without following any particular theme

Photo 4

Every one is immortalized in a photo image, before disappearing from the plate, leaving only crumbs.

We most often use a smartphone to take these pictures and, as we hinted at in our first post (here), we have a very special relationship with Instagram, which is (for those who don’t know it already) an application that allows you to take photos, edit them using various filters, and then share them on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.
If you would like to taste the virtual delights of our dishes and follow us to see our future creations, follow #vickydishesfriends and you can see them all!

Photo 5

Pay attention to the background in your photographs, don’t just concentrate on the subject; often a little added attention to detail really improves the quality of your image!


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