In my shoes – a beautiful Sunday.


In my shoes – a beautiful Sunday.

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This year more than ever, we in Milan have been longing for the sun to arrive. We don’t go in for over-the-top outbursts of joy, so, especially at the weekend, we just glance up in his direction, whispering tender words of love, promising to be good to him, to respect him.
We are a bit gauche, it’s true, but it must be said that the sun is simply not playing along: it seems he just won’t give in.


In this last entry of IN MY SHOES, I’ve chosen to treat you to a beautiful Sunday along our much-loved Navigli canals. One of only a few such Sundays, which magically brought together a sports event along the poetical weave of the water, and a fabulous market called The Flea Circus.


As soon as the sun came out, I took up Mrs Canon and, without a moment’s delay, we began to take photographs, one after another…

If you have never been to The Flea Circus, I highly recommend that you keep an eye on their website in order not to miss the next event. It is a colourful and pleasantly confusing mix of stalls selling vintage and handmade items, food and refreshment stands, and artistic improvisations with puppets, acrobats, dancers and clowns.
All in all, a proper authentic circus!



The event I saw had the unusual added attraction of being presented within a swimming pool – the infamous Piscina Argelati – which is completely empty. I promise you that the combined effects were amazing!



I love the rolling wave of healthy creativity that has been washing over Milan for the past few years: you can feel this immense desire of people to make their dreams come true, despite everything that’s going on in the country and throughout the world.

In my own small way, I will always support such creative expression, as it seems to breathe life into my dreams, my trials and errors, too.


And anyway… how many people can say to have seen a fluorescent yellow tiger in a huge, empty swimming pool?!


IN MY SHOES ends here (OK, let’s get the tissues out!), we’ve talked about journeys made close to home, about little paradises filled with items full of history, about strangely named areas of the city and about empty swimming pools.
I really hope that you enjoyed it, and, for my part, I miss you already!
With a smile,


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