Travel to Warsaw


Travel to Warsaw


Two days in Warsaw, Poland. That sounded for us like exciting new ground. Claudia had been to Warsaw the last time twenty years ago and I had never been there, I have to admit.

We simply choose Warsaw as a destination, because we combined business with pleasure. We were invited for a decoration event by  Stars for Europe, an association that is all about the plant christmas star, the poinsettia. We were also excited to got there because Warsaw is a capital and we thought about taking pictures of mothers for our blog.


And what can you say. We just had amazing weather, two days of bright blue sky. Our hotel was in the middle of Warsaw, with a fantastic view of the legendary Palace of Culture and Science, a very monumental building, which is the largest building in Poland. It is also known as Stalin’s finger, because of its construction time after World War II. The architecture of the building is closely related to several skyscrapers built in the Soviet Union of the same era, most notably the Moscow State University. And of course in Berlin you have the famous Karl-Marx-Allee.


We took several pictures of the building with the Nikon D90 and also with the iPhone. That picture we took with the iPhone we edited afterwards with the Snapseed app. Both pictures are very impressive, but the iPhone pictures is almost better even though its quality is not as good.

We walked around a lot and also crossed the town with bus and tram. Looking in almost every corner and drifting through the day, we also took lots of pictures of the architecture. As we told above, we had the Nikon D90 and the iPhone with us. And since we already quite new what Warsaw would be like we researched a bit through blogs and found one very interesting source for architecture photography. The Pixxel blog has very good tipps for taking pictures of buildings and landscapes. It was not that easy with the perspectives some times since we also took pictures from the inside of the bus. Also the light was sometimes quite unfavorable. The sun was very bright and there was to much shadow. But as a whole the light was very autumn like especially within the parks.


We were very impressed of a very modern town but also of a town that is marked by its history. Warsaw is bit like polish food. On the one side there is that immense ease, just like those cakes of meringue. On the other side you feel the melancholy seriousness, like if you ate too much of Bigos.


The food was delicious. We tried almost everything, especially the sweets and cakes and took also pictures of them. They were so beautiful, that you could put them in scene very well.


Our expectations about the mothers were met as well. We took pictures of four women with their children. One is one the picture and the others are on our blog (www.hauptstadtmutti.de).

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