A Journey of Flavours


A Journey of Flavours

A Journey of Flavours

Our blog was born before our daughters; it was born one winter evening when, with the cold wind blowing outside, we were playing around with possible names, writing them down on a blank piece of paper.

When, amongst all the others, we wrote down ‘fico secco e uva passa’ (dried fig and dried grape), we knew immediately that this was the name for us. We registered the domain name and, a few moments later, there it was: our very own online space. It was the January 5th, 2008.

Five years later and we are still here; no longer just the two of us, but four (actually, five, if you count our faithful dachshund, Babette), and our blog has grown from a small blank page to a collection of more than 250 posts.

Each post is, in its own way, a world within itself; a treasure trove of flavours and experiences, of spices and new combinations, a crescendo that reflects our own growth, a development that mirrors the changes we ourselves have gone through.

Every picture has so much to tell; indeed, in a food blog the image has the key role.

Deprived of other senses, the reader has only his eyes as a tool of perception; the smell of the dish has to seep out through the screen, taste buds have to be tickled by the flavour you can only imagine, and, with one single photograph, you must be transported to the table and feel the atmosphere.

It’s important to make every detail absolutely perfect: the presentation of the dish, the positioning of the props (what we call the accessories used for purely decorative purposes, such as the table cloth, cutlery and other small items); every photo involves preparation worthy of a true studio set.


The journey our blog has taken is similar to our own; a family diary, where we collect recipes and notes on life, where elements are merged and combined, exactly like what happens when you follow a good recipe.


We go from Paolo’s family recipe of pasta with sardines, to ethnic first courses with exotic flavours.

We love to learn and to experiment, we love trying new flavours, yet we also adore the security of our own traditional recipes, with their reassuring and familiar taste.

A Journey of Flavours

Often, we enjoy recreating our holidays by replicating dishes we have tried abroad, such as the tarte with Pachino tomatoes, red onion, wholegrain mustard and thyme.

A Journey of Flavours

We also do many sweet, comforting recipes, such as barley pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries, or oat and raisin cookies, for an energy-filled breakfast!

A Journey of Flavours

We recently started a Gourmand Baby section, where we put all the fun recipes dedicated to the very littlest among us, which are usually delicious for mum and dad too. One example: snack-time raspberry smoothie

A Journey of Flavours


We often think of our blog as one of us, and, deep down, it’s actually true; it has really become one of the family, a space that we simply couldn’t do without.


Who are Ficoeuva?

A mother juggling two little girls (four and one), home and work; a food addict and with a naturally inquiring mind, who loves to write, to dream and to travel. She and Ficosecco, her husband, official photographer and blogging partner, have been blogging since before the term even existed; a household in which there simply isn’t the time to get bored, and everything is done with a smile! Theirs is a family-run blog, where everyone makes a contribution, Babette the dachshund included… a true, all-round Digital Age family!




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