Table decoration on Halloween


Table decoration on Halloween

Halloween table

Dressing up is the dream of every child. Our guys are looking forward to Halloween like crazy. In our childhood Halloween, the festival of ghosts and ghouls and witches and Batman, did not even exist. Nowadays it is celebrated even in kindergarten. And , we are also regularly invited to Halloween parties. Last week we took our camera and tried taking pictures of the table decoration.


We have photographed two different tables. The adult table with pumpkins, lanterns in the vase and small chestnut figures and then the child table with the colors black and white and orange for the pumpkins . The adults table was more about highlighting the flowers and pumpkins and figuratively push it to the forefront. At the children’s table everything was about the color composition and the ghosts and bats.

The difficulty for shooting in areas often consists of low light and little space. The daylight is good for photography but it usually becomes worst at the center of the room. The light is often not enough for the entire room.


We have therefore compiled the following tips for indoor photography:

1. Pay attention to details

To create interesting photos, you should pay attention to eye-catchers, to small details or interesting pieces of decoration. We prefer to photograph inside sections of a scene. In addition, the situation should be very quiet because the risk of moving the camera is very high, especially without using the flashlight.


2. Using a tripod

We use indoors often use a tripod as to be reckoned with slower shutter speeds, due to the poor lighting conditions. If there is no tripod at hand, you can set the camera on the table or another quiet pad.


3. Background note

You should pay particular attention to the color of the wall. If the walls are very pale or even white, then take the picture rather from further away. The white of the wall reflects too strongly with the flashlight. In addition, you should strongly avoid having mirrors or windows in the background, because here the light from the flashlight reflects too much as well.


4. Remove annoying things

In order to concentrate on the scene, you should remove all disturbing elements from the picture, specially clothing or crumbs from food.


5. Lights

In low light sources you can definitely use a flashlight. But the flashlight should not be addressed directly, but rather indirectly in the direction of the pictures, even rather to the walls or the ceiling. If there are candles in the picture, set the focus rather beside the candles or on other items because there is a high risk of unsharpness.

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