Food Shopping 111, or Contemporary Food Shopping


Food Shopping 111, or Contemporary Food Shopping

Green cauliflower spesa

It all started out with ‘KM 0‘. Then this led to vegetable gardens on central city balconies.

For those of you who cannot grow vegetables on your balconies because, unfortunately, you simply don’t have the space, there are numerous home delivery services available, bringing you all sorts of fruit and vegetables, as well as other good things, such as yoghurt, cheese and meat.

Then along came Alessandro Chareun of #Spesa111 ( FoodShopping111), who transformed the way we perceive the dreaded ‘KM 0’: a carefully and wisely chosen selection of producers and produce from the Piedmont region, all within a hundred kilometres of Turin.

Contemporary FoodShopping111

Alessandro talks to us about ‘Spesa111’: 111 isn’t just a street number, it is meant to represent the range in km within which the produce must be sourced (independent of the official definition of KM 0). The intention is to concentrate on the true meaning of the name; so ‘SPESA’ (food shopping), focusing on the food aspect of the term, and ‘111’ being the radius in km, an area within which we will develop positive information channels, in order that users become even more knowledgeable about their food choices.

cucina-to from spesa111

Alessandro launched his project in July of this year. He is starting with home delivery and, very soon, on the website currently under construction, there will be the option of creating a personalised online basket of selected produce. There are two delivery options: pick up in store or home delivery. For this reason, Alessandro kindly requests that his customers be flexible and open to alternatives as regards the delivery methods at 111 via Madama Cristina (at the beginning, I’ll be on my own and it’ll be a question of ‘little things done well’, so I’ll have to ask everyone to help me out).

Danesa apple pear cider KM111

At #Spesa111, I found an ample choice of produce and producers, all, or nearly all, certified organic (nearly all meaning that certification will be awarded in the near future): Cuore della Frutta in Villar Dora, km23, producer of 100% natural fruit juices, free from additives and preservatives. Trifoglio in Buriasco, km27, a dairy farmers’ cooperative ; Cucina-TO, a home-made food deli in Turin, km3, producing truly delicious seasonal delights, the best of ready-made food. Di Sana Pianta, a farm in Murisengo , km36, reliably-sourced vegetables, where ‘sana’ (healthy) goes hand-in-hand with ‘pianta’ (plant). Agrimacelleria Cascina Anziano in Costigliole D’Asti, km48, beef farming of the highest standards. Cascina Agrinova, a farm in Susa, km49, producing berries, mountain potatoes, officinal herbs and jams.

golden delicious and mountain potatoes spesa111 918x609

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Photography TIPS

Light: I prefer to use natural light as much as possible, to reduce post production, which I hardly ever use, to a minimum

Time of day: I always choose the morning, and never midday, when the shadows are too sharp, especially if I’m doing food photos

Equipment: for shot stability, I sometimes use a tripod; at other times, if the subject is further away, I prefer to hold the camera with no support


Spesa 111

Via Madama Cristina 111/B


Mobile (0039) 338 9403141

Email: spesa111@gmail.com

twitter @spesa111



Guest Blogger: Sandra Salerno of Un Tocco di Zenzero

For those food lovers who are searching for ‘the’ recipe, or for inspiration for a new dish; for those who want to read about, keep updated and exchange views on the world of food, informally and not just ‘between professionals’: Un Tocco di Zenzero. A blog that’s been going for seven years, started by Sandra Salerno; born in 1967, food writer, food blogger and food&wine consultant. Un Tocco di Zenzero (A Touch of Spice) takes its name from the film of the same name by the Greek director, Tassos Boulmetis, nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2005. The blog was born of Sandra, a self-taught cook’s, passion for cooking, and brings together more than 1,000 recipes: from canapés to fresh pasta, from finger food to baby pastries for parties, right as far as recipes for those with coeliac disease or food allergies.

A little culinary encyclopaedia, therefore, to draw on to help you create innovative lunchtime or evening menus for all occasions: formal fine dining or quick and simple, yet always delicious.

Sandra, from Turin, tells us: My recipes originate from a combination of Piedmontese, Occitan and Mediterranean traditions, from my travels and from reworked ideas borrowed from French and Spanish cuisine, and also from New American Cuisine Overseas.

As well as her blog, awarded the prestigious first prize in the food & wine category at the Macchianera Blog Awards 2009, Sandra also acts as a consultant for small and large producers, works on collaborative publications and publishes work online.

Sandra has been developing a Travel section for two years, dedicated to food travel; Un Tocco di Zenzero on a culinary voyage of world discovery.


About Sandra Salerno:

Twitter Profile of Un Tocco di Zenzero 

Instagram Profile of Un Tocco di Zenzero

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