The Canal st Martin – The Artazart Bookstore


The Canal st Martin – The Artazart Bookstore


We’ve decided to take you off to the St. Martin Canal in Paris. It’s a wonderful corner of Paris we like to stroll around on weekends. The neighborhood has romantic settings with passages and locks that are always lovely to take in. This once working-class district has become an engine of creative energy that is always on the go, with flourishing new little restaurants as well as small boutiques that offer unique fashions and accessories opening up on the streets nearby. You simply can’t miss the orange facade of the Artazart, and we couldn’t talk about this neighborhood without mentioning this landmark business: it’s a temple devoted to books on graphic arts and design, so if you are passionate about photography, design, and graphic arts, you’ll want to make a pilgrimage there right away!

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For Parisians, this book store has become a veritable institution. It’s Europe’s number one design bookstore. It was first born on the Internet in 1999 at www.artatzart.com, and two passionate dealers by the name of Jérôme Fournel and Carl Huguenin opened up a brick and mortar location on the banks of the Canal in 2000. The selection they offer is meticulous and very complete. It meets all of the expectations of true graphic artists, designers, typographers, web designers, and students on the lookout for a very specific work from one of the many of the fields of art and design. One key fact is that this book store imports a lot of work from abroad, so you’ll find journals and books that are quite rare in France, and they are frequently restocked. You’ll also find a collection of creative objects, including Freitag, Lampe Gras, Bensimon bags, vintage Polaroid and film.

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In the evening Artazart transforms into an event space. Take a quick look at November’s program and you’ll see there’s plenty to entice visitors! Openings, book signings, literary events, exhibits, photography competitions and more… Please sign up for our newsletter so you can participate in all of our events! You’re sure to make brilliant discoveries! Make sure to stop in on November 14 for a meeting with Martin Parr.

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For us, this book store is a real source of inspiration. Since we love beautiful books, we have started a small collection at home, and yet it’s always just as much fun to come look for some new work to add to our library!

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Keep in mind, inside it’s always more difficult to take photos when there are several sources of light. So we work with a tripod to get as sharp an image as possible, and we’ve decided to concentrate on some elements of the decor and to put them into focus to best convey the atmosphere you’ll encounter in this book store.

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