Visiting Sardinia


Visiting Sardinia


Recently i got the absolute joy of being able to travel to Sardinia, Italy. An Island west of Italy. I travelled to the main airport Cagliari- and headed to Oristano- which is on the west coast of the Island. What striked me the most when arriving were the buildings, which were rustic looking and the colours and proportions of the buildings was really sublime and a real treat for anyone! The transport in Sardinia is superb and gets you to most places on the island. I was very much aware of how laid back Oristano was, and actually it was pretty quiet at the time i went, their summer time was over; but plenty great cafe’s and restaurants to be had and enjoyed!


I then travelled by train to a place on the island called Alghero- which is on the North-West coast of the island. This place is a little gem of place- with a 5 mile beautiful beach promenade into Alghero town itself. Once your in Alghero, you are submerged into med-evil beauty! You soon notice that there is an absolute abundance of things to do there, anything from boat trips to water sports to exploring the history of the place and if you just want to stop at a cafe on every corner there is that too! (which i loved!). There is an exquisite and particular view i was gobsmacked by and is just situated above the steps from the main harbour- where it boosts an array of cafes and seafood restaurants. It is a stunning situation, looking across the Mediterranean.


Next stop was back down south to Cagliari. The train ride between Alghero and Cagliari was fascinating, the countryside i came across was very rustic, bumpy looking, with wonderfully textured and cartoon-like hills. Something to really feast your eyes on and a very pleasing way to spend a train ride!

Cagliari is an extraordinary city on the South coast of the Island. It is a compact yet on going kind of city in terms of things to do and explore. Anything from the highest view of the city- which is amazing- if you don’t mind quite a climb! (there is a lift for part of it!) Cagliari is very much situated on a hill- so there is a lot of walking to be done- though the trams and bus services are readily available. Once at the top of the city, you are very near to the public gardens- the view is beautiful as are the gardens and are worth seeing! Along from the public gardens is the Botanical Gardens which is lovely! Cagliari is the kind of place that you just wander and love it. Lots of great, interesting shops and fantastic places to eat and explore.

One stop I would highly recommend is from the main square, to get a bus to Poetto Beach, which is just outside the centre of Cagliari. Poetto beach is one of the longest stretches of sand in Italy. It was absolutely empty when I was there, which made it even more of a pleasure to be there! But in the summer expect it to be really busy with people and lots of things happening!

Sardinian sea

Sardinian sea

Before going to Sardinia – I was already excited to see the famous rich turquoise sea and although there are many spots of this- Poetto Beach is surreal- in the best way possible! The situation of it all instantly hits you like a ton of bricks- with the hills in the background- and the different layers of blue and turquoise water- it truly is amazing and I was in complete awe with it all. It really is an oasis at its best! It definitely struck a chord with me with my photography work with the colour combinations, definitely felt inspired after a visit here!


In Cagliari, there is an abundance and a huge selection of cafes and restaurants to delve into but I came across a really super Wine Bar called Inu, right in the city centre. Inu is the first winebar of typical sardinian products in Cagliari. They really emphasize and hone in on the flavours from their land, including: Wine, Craft Beers, cheeses, cured meats, creams, vegetables, their sardinian breads and bruschetta. A real treat at it’s best all made to order- complete freshness and lovely people too!

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An Island that is this available and plenty to do- a visit is highly recommended!

Sally Wanless

About the author: Sally Wanless is a Photographer and is keen on Travels, Film, Design and Screenwriting.
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