A Virtual Zoo


A Virtual Zoo


From childhood, the atmosphere and literature, events, etc., of a place would often make me laugh and smile so much that my friends would get annoyed–the things like the humor or insignificant gestures I remembered seeing at a particular place would often not be comprehensible to others. If I always look at things from the opposite or inverse perspective, that is because I am always looking for something that normally isn’t there. In general terms, I think this is called imagination.

When walking through the forest, for example, I find a piece of tree bark and would liken it to a head of a dog with its mouth agape, only it’s missing a few lines, which come to me in the blueprint of my mind all of a sudden whenever I take out my iPhone.

found him in the woods

For the methods I use, art, photos and illustrations are the best way to show the special world and imagination based photos that exist only in my head. Isn’t it the same for everyone though? This is how I go about making the amazing little animals and other living things that inhabit my world. It is like a virtual zoo.

This world includes creatures, like ducks, that though readily-recognizable, feature unlikely additions, such as petals from daisies with which we had played “she loves me she loves me not” when we were little. Or a snail carrying not the usual snail shell, but a maple leaf on its back; a duck made from a basil leaf that one would normally find in a salad. I enjoyed using these simple, small objects for my inventions.



mr crumpy

Then there are creatures whose genus is nearly impossible to guess. This one made with a dead branch; is it a dog?.. an alligator? Whatever it is, it looks kind of pissed off. As a contrast, there’s the plum happily skipping through space. Nary a soul knows what exactly it is. The next creature with long ears made with a maple seed could be a wild rabbit, though if that were the case, its teeth seem too sharp. Maybe it’s a jackalope.




My instagram followers are all over the world, and the comments I get from them are often opposite to my ideas. The photo I recently uploaded is of four pink buttons to which I have drawn pig bodies – they remind me of the story of the three little pigs, in which three pigs build houses made of different material.. and two are blown down. Some people said the picture makes them think of the story of pigs going to a market. I was oblivious to all this when I opened the crafts box at my school and found the buttons sitting there and the thought of lining them up came to my head.


perhaps a wolpertinger

Today I left to go cycling with my husband and youngest daughter. Biking along, I stopped, and shortly after had to turn back on the dusty path because I found a stick.

I put in the basket on my bicycle and told my family ” this goat is going home with me.” At present, sitting as it is at the desk at home, it has started to resemble a little dragon. At some point, the stick will appear as a photo in my gallery.
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