From velvet-textured flowers to the vivid colors of fall, the beauty we can see in everyday things is all thanks to light.

Being impressed by something from its frontal aspect only is a waste.

For example, by letting light pass through an object, you bring out a completely different aspect.

When you think about it, there are many things you have probably never looked at properly before, such as light seeping through flower petals or the veins on leaves, etc. Have you tried looking at the object from the back?

Backlighting achieves yet another slightly different aspect.

Nights and mornings feature soft light, so when you take photos at these times, you get dramatic results.

With back lighting, exposure compensation should be augmented.

Sometimes taking photos directly from the front doesn’t sit well with me…At those times I try facing the sun or passing the flash through the object. There are many ways; you just have to experiment a little.

You can change the photos you take by varying the perspective and the way you take them.

*It is not good for your eyes or the camera to point it directly at the sun, so please be very careful!



Since I was young, I enjoyed looking at background colors, so I would take out father’s camera and shoot photos even though he would scold me each time.
Lately I’m really into taking photos of the SKY
With photos I feel like I can express something.

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