Canal St. Martin – The Helmut New Cake Patisserie


Canal St. Martin – The Helmut New Cake Patisserie

The Helmut New Cake Patisserie

This week, we want to introduce you to one of our favorite spots for food, right by the Canal St. Martin, at 46 Rue Bichat. Here you will find Helmut New Cake, the first gluten-free patisserie in France. Whenever we have the chance, we love to spend time in an afternoon for tea, or on Sundays for brunch.

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Helmut NC is a chance to enjoy cooking and bakery specialties that are 100% gluten-free. But you don’t have to be allergic or intolerant to come enjoy the pastries here. All you need is to love excellent food! The chef in charge of it all is Marie, former pastry chef at Le Nôtre. She discovered her gluten allergy and decided her whole profession and passion were in jeopardy. She and her companion François decided to go work in London for four years, and she was able to try out these recipes and adapt them to gluten-free flour (buckwheat flour, rice). She kept at it and worked on new approaches to make sure these pastries were every bit as good as if they were made with wheat flour: like the breads and cakes you find all over, because gluten is present in just about everything we eat! We are also trying to cut down on the gluten in the food we eat every day. You can believe that it is a real battle!

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In 2011, Marie and François took on the challenge to open this tea salon – a dream come true, where 100% gluten-free creations would delight everyone. They found this old loft space here in this lovely area of Paris. They offer a selection of classic pastries available every day: like cream puff religieuses, coffee eclairs, chou buns, and also unique flavors like white chocolate grapefruit tarts, cheesecakes, pistachio red current tartelettes, to enjoy in the salon with a delicious cup of tea or to take away. You can also enjoy a delicious midday pizza meal, with burger Wednesdays, quiches and risottos. Don’t worry, everything here is delicious, and the daily menu changes according to the season. Ingredients are fresh and delicious. So are you ready for a gluten-free gourmet escapade? We certainly are! So see you at Helmut New Cake!

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Note: to take this type of photos, we recommend long pauses for maximum light. That’s why we use a photo tripod, to avoid blurriness. This time we used a fixed focal length with large aperture to get very precise focus on the pastries and maximum bokeh.

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