As soon as the first signs of winter appear, people start walking around with eyes downcast.
I tend to always be in a hurry, but sometimes I slow down and look up to the sky. I can see the stars even in the middle of the city.

We usually assume not being able to see the stars well with the glare of the city lights; however in winter the sky is so clear that you can even make out the constellations.

Though it is not exactly a star-filled night sky, there is some starry glitter to be seen.
One is prone to think that the city is too bright to take photos of the stars. However, merely by setting the shutter speed to 30 seconds, you get better results than you thought possible at first glance.

Though Christmas illumination makes for compelling photos, how about trying to take the SKY as it is reproduced by nature?

If you look up, you can sometimes see a shooting star, so why not wish something fantastic upon it. You might just get lucky.

*These photos weren’t created using HDR; they are the product of sharpness and shadow adjustments. To capture the trajectory of the stars, comparison synthesized light and 8-second rapid fire exposure are used.



Since an early age, I enjoyed looking at scenery, so I would take out father’s camera and shoot photos even though he would scold me each time.
Lately I’m really into taking photos of the SKY
By taking photos, I feel like I can express something.

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