The Canal St-Martin – La Chambre aux oiseaux


The Canal St-Martin – La Chambre aux oiseaux

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Continuing down Rue Bichat, we come face to face with La chambre aux Oiseaux. We had already heard about it several times, but we had never set foot in the place. Immediately we were attracted by the art nouveau and art deco interior design and the blend of styles. It fits right in with our tastes!

Inspired by the 1920s, with a very beautiful English tapestry on the wall, antique wooden art deco style furniture fills the space, with little fringed lamps placed here and there and large upholstered bridge chairs placed around small tables. The floor in raw concrete, there is period porcelain, and a sweet playlist.



You’ve barely entered this small café and it seems like time has stopped… We sat down for breakfast by the bay window. It’s a wonderfully cozy spot, and sipping a big cup of tea next to the library, you’ll feel right at home. Here you can truly take your time, and that’s not something you’ll find all over Paris!


We also love the story of this café which began with a meeting three years ago between Léna and Hervé, both of whom are passionate lovers of interior design and delicious food. Hervé shopped for treasures and decorated while Léna polished and brightened up the furniture. They worked together to create a unique and warm atmosphere reminiscent of grandma’s house. In fact, there’s a portrait of Léna’s grandmother, and that’s where the name of this lovely café comes from. Way back when, she ran a haberdashery, and when it closed the entire stock was moved to Léna’s mother’s room. It was called the “bird’s room” or “chambre aux oiseaux”, and that’s where Léna grew up in her family surrounded by lace and buttons, cradled by the delicious smells of cooking and her grandmother’s love. Today, this little café is a wonderful homage to her. You know how much we love grandmothers, so of course we found this story enchanting.



As for the food, here you’ll find a variety of sweet specialties inspired by the recipes of Hervé’s grandfather, a pastry chef, along with breakfast options featuring homemade jams and a fine selection of breads. The Wi-fi is free, books are available for browsing, and there are even crayons for kids laid out on the table, so relax and come enjoy the universe of these two birds around a wonderful breakfast.


Shhh…listen and you’ll hear the crackling vinyl
Breathe in…can you smell the madeleines?
Look…the swallows are coming back. It must be Spring.

Welcome to La chambre aux Oiseaux
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, reservations for brunch
48, rue Bichat Paris 10th district



Note: to take this type of photos, we recommend long pauses for maximum light. That’s why we use a photo tripod, to avoid blurriness. Once again, we set up our camera with a large aperture fixed focal plane to achieve very sharp focus on the decorative details and maximum bokeh. We also used a transtandard 24-120 zoom lens with continuous aperture at 4 to be able to capture a maximum of light at each focal plane.

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