The Canal St-Martin – Centre Commercial KIDS


The Canal St-Martin – Centre Commercial KIDS


We wanted to conclude our stroll along the Canal St-Martin with an address for some shopping: the Centre Commercial Kids, which is in fact the sister store to the Centre Commercial located at 2 Rue de Marseille. So no stranger to Parisians! It’s a concept store created in 2011 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, founders of the Veja brand, where fashion, furnishings, and culture make for a wonderful combination. Thanks to their great success and client demand, Centre Commercial Kids was born last September and is located at 22 Rue Yves Toudic. Now children have their own space and their own concept store with a selection of the best available products!



Stark walls, a warm decor with lots of windows…you’ll find the brand identity of Centre Commercial embedded in the interior architecture. The atmosphere here is just as cool and chic. The same principle is at work here: there are exclusive fashions for children from 0-14 that perfectly balance expert workmanship and ecological materials, and brands are chosen for their responsible manufacturing processes. As for local designers, you find several brands like Oeuf nyc, Bobo choses, Clotair, Saint James, Veja, Dis une couleur. And you also find a selection of toys and decorative accessories chosen based on the same eco-friendly philosophy. If you pass by this shop, you’ll find a treasure trove in 90m2. You’re sure to find something that is simply irresistible!



The furniture has all been hand-selected and is available for sale, including little school desks, wooden chairs and dressers for kids’ rooms. These pieces are so wonderful, they will make you want to have a little one! Of course, you can’t miss the giant elephant on display under the window. It was designed by the Laps duo, made entirely from recycled pieces from wooden crates.


This concept store also hosts discovery workshops and children’s activities, as well as amazing upcoming collaborations, and an interactive library is on the way as well! This is a place on the move and it is changing all the time. The collection will be online very soon on the website of Centre Commercial, so keep in touch! Meanwhile, you can also follow their updates on their Facebook page.

Centre Commercial Kids
22 rue Yves Toudic
75011 Paris



Note: to take this type of photos, we recommend long pauses for maximum light. That’s why we use a photo tripod, to avoid blurriness. This time we set up a transtandard 24-120 zoom lens with a constant aperture set at 4 to be able to capture a maximum amount of light at each focal plane and also get some more general shots.


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