Instagram – My Little Travel Diary


Instagram – My Little Travel Diary


When I started using Instagram about three years ago, I would have never thought that my passion would take me so far and that I would discover so many beautiful and fascinating places.

About two years ago I embarked for the first time on a longer and far-away journey – to Mauritius. Who would have thought that I would visit these dream beaches and might preserve this paradise for myself with my camera. It was no ordinary trip – I was to be invited on a discovery tour by the Beachcomber Hotels and was allowed to roam around the island for a week. The 8-hour-flight was more than worth it – it really does look like paradise.


The time went by quickly, and I had only time to recover and go on a few shorter trips, when I received a message that I was to travel to South Africa in 2 months’ time.
South Africa! Well, that was incredible and I could hardly believe it.
I was not sure what I would find when I got there, but the first view from Table Mountain was just unbelievable (I just had to take this photo although I suffer from a fear of heights).


In South Africa (Cape Town), I was always on the go and the experiences and impressions were incredibly beautiful. I felt a deep sense of freedom when we arrived at the beach at Muizenberg. Such a broad, bright beach and the sun’s pleasant rays on my skin.
South Africa is a very interesting place which leaves profound impressions on a person.


At the Cape of Good Hope the little monkeys fascinated my straightaway. They scampered behind the tourist and had no fear at all – but I sure did!
The little baboons might be really cute and trusting, but they are not completely harmless.
Africa definitely left a very good impression and I’m positive I will return.


Nearly 3 months later the next journey announced itself and this time it was to be another trip to paradise. On behalf of Club Med Germany I had the opportunity to visit the dream island and throw myself into the waves.
As you would expect, Bali is a very lovely place to have a relaxed holiday.
But I wasn’t only there to have a vacation, therefore the island had to be thoroughly explored first.
As I had already had some experience with monkeys in Africa, I ventured into the well-known monkey forest in Ubud
(“Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana”) and, as the name implies – monkeys everywhere, a real monkey business!
The small Javanese monkeys were very very pushy. They swooped on my backpack in the hope of finding a banana.
I left the forest with my backpack in shreds and a beaming face, appreciating the new experience and another dream spot on the map.


The one thing I was still missing this year was to travel across the big pond, the Atlantic. USA – I had never been there.
When Nokia announced that I should fly to Los Angeles as a Social Media Week reporter, I was ecstatic. LA – here I come!
I was only familiar with everything through the TV: Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier, the beach, and then I  actually saw a famous celebrity: Rodeo Drive and 50 Cent  (American rapper) leisurely drove past in his car and grinned.
But for myself, I finally got around to my long awaited bicycle ride at Venice Beach. To be riding around the beach with a LA bike – that was the real LA feeling for me.
It is just as I had imagined it. Sun, summer, beach – and yes, naturally, the fitness freaks of Muscle Beach were there, too.


Traveling is always fascinating and there are still so many places I just have to see. Naturally, all my memories are stored photographically on Instagram and everyone is invited to join me in virtual travels.
Conclusion: I’m certain that without Instagram I would not have seen as much of the world as I have and would have never seen these fascinating places. A passion for photography also has its price and I have invested 3 years, but if you receive a compensation like this, it turns out to have been a very good investment.

Let’s see what 2014 has in store 🙂

Sylvia Matzkowiak

I started taking photos three years ago and cannot get enough of it. I has become a great passion.
I always see the world in colors and would like to see much of it. Therefore I love to travel and show people what the world looks like through my eyes.


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