Beginning of the End


Beginning of the End

Since I started using instagram, I have often been asked a question.
「Do you usually decide what you will photograph beforehand?」
To tell you the truth, I had never really thought about this issue before having been asked the question.
How about you? Do you think out your approach beforehand?

After deciding the place for the shoot, I do a search with iPhone [I hardly ever use the computer (smile)]. “This place could be taken like this ..this would be great if I…!” are the kinds of things usually going through my head.
As it is usually not possible to take the photos in just one or two takes, many photos are simply products of chance.
…though I do pay attention to the color and format of the photos when processing them.

For the limits such as square background of the medium, I try to get an image in my mind of the “whats” and “hows” of the shoot beforehand.

That is why when I go out for a shoot, I often bring along in my car not only a tripod, but also a step ladder, boots and other tools. In this way I am prepared to take photos in any conditions.
It’s not a matter of just looking at something and shooting it–you have to think about what it is you want to take and how you will show it. When these are properly decided, the photo should leave people looking at it with a good feeling — they don’t have to be searching for the point of the photo.
In the limits of the square frame, you have to think about the balance of all elements– the position of the sky, the earth and people, the position of the sun and the printed output. Once the photo is taken, you have to think about the trimming.
It’s great when the final image matches your expectations.

When people take photos that are not intended to be processed, it is usually to please themselves. However. among the viewers of such works there are a few who “get it” and the reaction among this group is often of pure bedazzlement. This is one of the reasons why the instagram habit is so hard to kick (smile).

Lately I switched to the iPhone 5S and it’s really fun because of the great camera resolution. There’s also the SONY iPhone-attachable SLR… The advantages of the QX-100 are lightness and high resolution. SLR’s, though kind of heavy, are indispensable for taking good photos.The best thing is to decide which one to use based on the place and time of the shoot.

People have asked me “Why would you bother using single-lens reflex camera photos with instant applications?” My answer would be that instagram is mostly a hobby application. It’s up to everyone to use it in their own way. What’s important is that you yourself are satisfied with the results.

Going forward, I will keep processing photos to fit these compact and square limitations and filling wacamera with my favorite things.
This is not an obligation; it is an actual objective of mine.
It’s all about whether you are having fun or not.


A photographer by trade, I have been using instagram for 3 years. Through instagram, you can let the shapes, etc. of your image decide the processing you use. I only use iPhone and iPad for processing. I mainly go on photo shoots with my friends. I am presently traveling through Italy taking photos.

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