Shibata Agricultural High School Photography Club Photography Relay 2: ” High School Girl Investigators!”


Shibata Agricultural High School Photography Club Photography Relay 2: ” High School Girl Investigators!”

Title:  High School Girl Investigators!
Photographer: Mayu Suzuki

The theme of this photography shoot was high school girls searching out new discoveries in their school.
The only person in the photos is me. This was the first time I tried a self portrait type of theme. I have never tried shooting so many photos by myself, so there were many things I had to take care of by myself – it was no cake walk!

It was also the first time I tried taking panoramic shots. Actually wanting to take a panorama shot of the scene below was the catalyst. Just taking the scene as is seemed a little boring, so I thought it would be interesting if I as the subject reappeared in the photo several times.

What seemed most important for this panoramic photo was the focus point and the aperture.
For panorama shots that combine several photos, it’s interesting to see what happens when the focus point is changed for each photo. Taking into consideration the distance between camera and subject, I thought about the aperture and focus point. Even if you manage to take the photo according to the idea you had and the composition is achieved, if the focus is not spot on, it’s a bit of a downer.

It was a big realization for me that self-portrait type shoots involve not only having to come up with firm decisions on composition and focus point, etc., but what to do with the image of the final product is also a big issue. It’s a bit different from just snapping up photos, as if reflexively.
Even if it is possible to redo the shoot, it doesn’t help to have an easy-going approach. In the end if you don’t have a solid image in your mind, deciding the composition of your photos will be tough. I battled with this issue many times.

With everything in place, using the remote, you activate the shutter…It was my first self-portrait style shoot, however, once I proceeded to do it, I found it quite fun. I am also happy to have been able to communicate my enjoyment of it at least a little.

Mayu Suzuki
Shibata Agricultural High School, Miyagi Prefecture, 2nd Year  Photography Club.
Shashin Koshien 2012 Tournament


Canon EOS 60D

Canon EF-18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS

Canon EF50mmF1.8

Manfrotto MH057A5 tripod head + 190CXPRO4G tripod

Manfrotto Befree MKBFRA4-BH

Manfrotto ML360HP-1 LED

* it will be a regular feature by the Shibata Agricultural High School Photography Club who have been communicating through twitter since January 2014. Manfrotto equipment will be used in the making of the works.

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